A local volunteer organization that helps people develop job skills and provides for their basic education. The purpose of the organization is to help adults secure an education and this group will assist in payment of the fee for GEDs. 45,000 adults in the community cannot read; 56% of Spartanburg County is illiterate; 30% of 9th grade students will not be graduating from High School. Volunteers can be used.

CPC is a non-profit, pro-life ministry that provides free pregnancy tests, crisis pregnancy counseling, and post-abortion counseling. Open Monday - Friday from 9:00-5:00, the center is run by a director, three staff persons and volunteers.      

Point person: Catherine Remington, 579-2884

The Children's Advocacy Center has existed since 1995. The center helps children heal from the violence of physical and sexual abuse. This non­residential facility serves to bring together the different professional disciplines that need to come in contact with a child and his or her family when a report of abuse is received. As the delivery of service has improved, the reporting of these heinous crimes has increased. The mission of the center is to facilitate a collaborative, child-focused approach for the prevention, detection, investigation, treatment and prosecution of child abuse. 67% are children under age ten; 41% are children under age six.

Important facts: Since 1995 the Children's Advocacy Center has...
   Treated 2,005 children from Spartanburg County, providing 13 with 489 services*.
   Treated 154 children from Cherokee County, providing 908 services*.
   Treated 85 children from Union County, providing 431 services*.

*Services include medical exams, counseling, interviews, and forensic assessments. "We know we are making a difference in the lives of these children and we ask for your support.." Dateria C. Johnson, Executive Director, 515-9922
Point person: Dannie Vaughan, 579-0593

Formed by the merger of Christian Financial Concepts (founded by Larry Burkett) and Crown Ministries (founded by Howard Dayton), Crown Financial Ministries is an interdenominational ministry devoted to teaching people worldwide about God's financial principles. Westminster has offered the life-changing Crown small group study to adults and children since 1998.  Church members can participate in a small group, become a Crown leader, or train to be an individual financial counselor.
Point person: Lee Arsenault, 579-1377

This organization provides short-term housing for children who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. Located here in Spartanburg, the Children's Shelter is not only supported by Westminster's financial contributions, but it is supported by intermittent volunteers from our church family who help out with the day-to-day operations. The Children's Shelter greatly appreciates donations of all kinds, from children's clothing to canned goods and snacks.
Point person: Christine Hammond, 542-2758

The mission of Freedom in Christ is to equip the Body of Christ to be alive, free, and complete in Him. The Freedom in Christ vision is to boldly and strategically supply resources to Christian leaders world-wide to help them establish their people free in Christ. Since its inception, Freedom in Christ Ministries has had the privilege of seeing thousands of lives changed around the world. Priority is given to pastors, church leaders, missionaries, and those in para-church ministry in all parts of the world so that they may be better equipped to teach others. Churches, mission groups, ministries, Bible colleges, and entire denominations have been equipped and encouraged. Freedom in Christ continues to expand and currently has staff in the United States as well as Australia, Canada, India, Ivory Coast, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, and the UK.
Point Person: Ann O'Connell 583-0125

Westminster has missionaries in Pakistan. We support them through "Global Teams". This is a young couple deeply committed to the Lord's calling for them to be his representatives to Muslims. Jeff and his team have embarked on a five-year project to translate the entire Bible for Muslims, a laborious but achievable task!
Point Person: John Manatis, 582-9988

This is an interdenominational, interracial, non-profit organization established in 1974.  The goal of Greater Spartanburg Ministries is to provide a spiritual and social ministry to the "forgotten persons" of Spartanburg County.  Food, clothing, fuel assistance, and rent and utility assistance are provided to individuals and families in a time of need.  Family, marriage, financial, and personal counseling based on Christian principals is offered.  A Chaplaincy Program is offered to several institutions in Spartanburg County.  Greater Spartanburg Ministries receives support and funding from local churches, religious groups, industries, private gifts and grants and by networking with other service agencies and organizations in the community.
Point person: Warren Templeton, 579-4909

The goal of this ecumenical, Christian ministry is to eliminate poverty housing.  Using as much volunteer labor and donated materials as possible, Habitat for Humanity builds and renovates houses.  Then, employing "biblical economics", these buildings are sold to families in need at no profit and no interest.  Each family agrees to pay for their house over a fixed time period and these payments are recycled to build more houses.  Uniting into partnership God's people, black and white, rich and poor, Habitat attempts to break the cycle of poverty and helplessness.  In early 2005, Westminster plans to build and fund a home working with 3 neighboring churches and will continue to contribute to the general budget of Habitat.
Point person: George Price, 585-7775

Westminster funded and helped to build the church, the pastor's home, and a Sunday School building along the banks of the Amazon in Santa Clara, Peru. We continue to provide assistance with maintenance and repairs and are woking on a long range plan of constructing a concrete sanctuary to replace the current one which is being destroyed by termites. We have developed strong relationships with many members in this growing church as well as with Pastor German Rios Garcia and his wife Enith who minister there. We travel to Peru twice a year. In November/December we deliver gifts for the village children to receive on Christmas Eve, and meet with the pastor to recieve updates, discuss needs, and plan the work projects for the following summer. In June/July we take a nine day mission trip to work on construction projects and assist the pastor's wife with Bible School for the children. We spend significant time in worship, fellowship, and Christian service with our Peruvian brothers and sisters. Westminster continues to be the sole provider of support for the local pastor and has become a Medical Mission, Inc. model for foreign church partnership.
Point Person: Pam McAbee, 542-2773

This is a non-profit, non-government, United Way-supported ministry that distributes between 1,300 and 1,400 meals each day to folks in need.  The lunch meal is a hot meal that consists of meat, starch, vegetables, fruit, and milk or orange juice. Over 1,200 volunteers deliver these meals five days a week. This ministry is supported by individual donations, churches, and fundraisers.  Mobile Meals delivers countywide and has a staff of five people, a group of cooks, and three supporting restaurants in some of the remote areas of the county.
Point Person: Steve Carmichael, 542-6048

Rev. Dr. Trey Kuhne is a licensed marriage and family therapist and pastoral counselor with a non-profit counseling ministry called Pathways Pastoral Counseling. Pathways Pastoral Counseling, governed by a Board of Directors, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) private-practice ministry of pastoral counseling which seeks to provide and promote theologically informed, spiritually sensitive, ethically sound, and clinically competent counseling and consultation. The ministry of Pathways Pastoral Counseling seeks to work actively toward the wholeness of individuals, relationships, and families within and beyond the religious community in the upstate. Located at St. Christopher's Episcopal Church, Pathways offers a hands-on resource to the individuals and families in the local area in finding healthy solutions amid the difficulties and challenges in our time.
Point person: John Manatis , 864-542-0930


Westminster has a special collection that is donated to support the operations of retirement homes located throughout the state. Westminster made a special gift that is helping to fund the new home in the Easley area. 
(W & S Commission)

This is an outreach ministry targeting students at Wofford, Converse, Spartanburg Tech, Spartanburg Methodist, and USCS.  The aim of this organization is to introduce students to Jesus Christ and extend the family of God through intimate share groups, Bible studies, worship services and inspirational speakers. With this kind of programming throughout the week, Spartanburg Campus Ministries nurtures those students who have been churched as well as those who have never had any kind of church experience. Westminster provides financial support that goes toward the program director's salary as well as toward the general maintenance of overall programming. Director: Dottie Metropol, 582-5600
Point person: Kingsley Martin, 579-7233

This is an interdenominational Christian mission providing free medical care and pastoral support to Spartanburg county residents.  Such residents are without government assistance, private insurance or the financial resources to afford such care.  St. Luke's clinic is committed to honoring the God-given dignity and value of all people, regardless of race, color, or creed.  The clinic's volunteer and professional staff are dedicated to promoting the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of all those who need care.  In addition to financial support, the Presbyterian Women provide meals for workers at the clinic once a month. Georgia Mangum, Executive Director (542-2273) 
Point Person: Lynn O'Neal, 585-8751 (w), 582-4306 (h)

The Sheperd's Center of Spartanburg is a local chapter of the national Sheperd's Center headquartered in Kansas City, Mo. The local chapter, founded in 1979 through the initiative of local churches, is located at First Presbyterian Church. It is a non-denominational organization funded by local churches (of which Westminister has been a long-time supporter), gifts, bequests, and grants. Members age 50 and up from throughout the county pay a $40 annual fee to participate whenever they wish in a variety of programs and classes intended to provide seniors with opportunities beyond local chuch programs to develop and use skills (writing, painting, line dancing, yoga, tai chi, bridge, foreign languages, etc), listen to interesting presentations from local professors and others, and participate in community services (local schools, nursing homes, health fairs, etc).

The atmosphere is always warm and friendly. In short, the Sheperd's Center provides wonderful opportunites for seniors who are looking for additional intellectual, social, and physical activities to enjoy in later years. For more information, you may contact the Sheperd's Center at 585-1999 or Alan Tewkesbury at 583-8660.

The 2nd Presbyterian Soup Kitchen provides a hot lunch to approximately 300 to 400 people every day of the year.  This ministry is run entirely by volunteers and provides a nourishing meal for anyone, regardless of their circumstances.  These people might not otherwise have a meal each day.  To remain open, the Soup Kitchen depends on donations of food from local grocery stores and monetary donations from organizations and churches in the Spartanburg area. Donations are always welcome and there are many opportunities for volunteers to help cook, serve, clean up and organize meals and deliveries.
Point Person: Marilyn Miller, 205-8604


SPIHN-Spartanburg Interfaith Hospitality Network 
Family Promise is interfaith non-profit organizations committed to helping low-income families nationwide achieve lasting independence. We help families accomplish this by providing shelter, meals, and support services for homeless families and through programs designed to redress the underlying causes of homelessness. Family Promise was founded on the belief that Americans are compassionate people who want to make a difference. Our promise has been to link those in need with those who want to help. Sixteen years and 100,000 volunteers later, our pledge is ever broader and deeper.

Interfaith Hospitality Network-Networks of congregations and volunteers providing shelter, meals and support services to homeless families.
Family mentoring-A homelessness prevention initiative, training volunteers to act as advisors and community advocates to at-risk families, helping them achieve goals and maintain self-sufficiency.
Just Neighbors-A multimedia interactive educational program that raises awareness of poverty and homelessness and their root causes as the first step in establishing community-based responses to a national problem.
Community Initiatives-Fostering local INH outgrowth programs such as transitional housing, housing renovation, job training, health care services, childcare, and literacy.

Westminster is working with seven local churches in this endeavor and  hosts once a quarter. This is a wonderful opportunity for a hands on mission project and there is a place for everyone. The coordinators for Westminster need people to provide food, oversee activities, and especially they need people to spend the night during our week of hosting. If you feel called to this mission please contact Jim Clark at 579-4232.

This is an interfaith, interdenominational center which is dedicated to helping individuals and families in emergencies such as the loss of employment, the destruction of a home, or any other traumatic circumstance requiring the need for food, fuel, clothing, medicine, or other assistance. Established in 1983 and, excepting one paid position, staffed entirely by volunteers and a board of directors, T.O.T.A.L. receives its financial support from churches, groups, individuals, foundations, and civic groups. 585-9167 
Point person: Tim Dunlavey, 569-1213


The Haven, a family-focused homeless shelter, was founded by Presbyterians.  The shelter is twenty years old and works to keep families intact.  The capacity is 21 and they only accept families, single moms with children, and single dads with children or single women.  Ninety-nine percent of the people at The Haven lived in poverty before coming there.  They run on a tight budget and utilize 7 part time house managers and 1 paid staff manager.  They are connected to all service agencies.  There are wonderful opportunities to support this ministry: 1. lead bible studies or Sunday school classes; 2. mentor; 3. donations of cleaning supplies (esp. Clorox), laundry supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, personal hygiene products, children's socks and underwear, food; 4. Help with holiday activities involving the families at the shelter (Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas)
Point Person: Susan Barrow, 549-4455



Westminster allocates mission funds designated for seminaries in a continuing effort to help educate students for the work of the Church.  Some support is given to Seminary students from our congregation and some support is sent directly to the Seminaries for unrestricted support.
Point Person: Paul Petersen, 585-4186



Young Life is an outreach ministry designed to introduce unchurched youth to Jesus Christ. This non-denominational, international, parachurch organization is mainly involved with high school aged youth. Using relational ministry as its pastoral approach, a team of adult volunteers facilitate weekly meetings designed to promote fellowship and the proclamation of the Gospel. Westminster is also involved in Young Life with our Church Partnership program that shares our Youth Minister with Young Life. Presently, we are giving scholarship funds to help youth who cannot afford camp to be able to attend. Westminster has also begun a Wyldlife partnership. Many Church members serve on the Young Life Committee, including retired chairwoman, Marie Tewkesbury.
Point Person: Angie Ratteree


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