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Family Involvement

Parents are an integral part of the learning process and a key factor in children's success both during their preschool years and in the future. 

Parents, and other family members, are always welcome to visit and volunteer in the classroom. Classroom visits provide an opportunity for family members to share their special talents and ideas in the classroom. One or more parents in each classroom will serve as a liaison between the teachers and the rest of the parents in organizing class events and other tasks to assist the teachers.

Westminster Day School strives to keep parents informed of its events and activities. Our monthly newsletter  contains news about community events, articles on early childhood development, school events, and other information of interest. Class web pages provide families with a snapshot of daily activities at WDS. Additionally, two parent / teacher conversations are scheduled each school year for our 3 year old-Kindergarten classes, and are optional for our Infants - 2 year old classes. Parents may request a conversation with the classroom teachers at any time throughout the school year.

We also have several opportunities throughout the year for parents to participate in the planning of special school-wide events.