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Church Elders

To learn about a recent change to our bylaws that will reduce the number of elders to 18 by 2020, visit this page.

2019/2020 Session

Class of 2020

Jim Brady
Frank Grimes
Nene Hubbard
Elise Mercer
Harriet Moxley
Jane Nicol
Jeff Randall
Zig Reichwald
Jill Saleeby

Class of 2021

Loring Aument
Lynda Davis
Doug Harman
Mary McAbee
Rod Ray
Andrea Wilcox
Rachel Segars*
*extended one-year from 2020

Class of 2022

Jay Bearden
Leah Brabham
Karen Copley
Kirk Johnston
Trey Karn
Stan McChesney

Class of 2023

(These elders were elected
Jan 2020 and will be ordained and installed in April 2020)

Alison Bishop
Dean Gaskins
Sam Hamilton
Brent Johnson
Matt Smith
Tanner Wall


Claude Saleeby, Clerk
Scott Hubbard, Treasurer


Rev. Steve Wise
Rev. Justin Lewis
Rev. Kyle Livingston


The Session of WPC meets every other month. Each meeting includes worship, reports by Commissions, recommendations for Session action, and other essential business.

2019/2020 Session Commissions 

Missions & Ministries Commission

Purpose: To encourage, enable and empower members to live out their faith in our community and beyond.
Responsibilities: To build a spiritually healthy church…

  • which reaches those who are uninvolved and uncommitted. 
  • in which nearly every Christian is using his or her S.H.A.P.E. to edify the church and serve others. Meets the first Monday in every month.
  • Jay Bearden, 2022
  • Jim Brady, 2020 - JLC
  • Leah Brabham, 2022 - Vice-chairperson
    Doug Harman, 2021 - JLC
  • Jeff Randall, 2020
  • Zig Reichwald, 2020 - Chairperson
  • Andrea Wilcox, 2021 -  Secretary
  • Pastor: Rev. Justin Lewis
  • Supporting Staff: Cathy Hyatt

Spiritual Growth Commission

Purpose: To nurture our relationship with God and strengthen our relationship with one another.
Responsibilities: To build a spiritually healthy church…

  • in which nearly every member is committed heart and soul to following Jesus Christ and fulfilling the mission of the church.
  • in which the loving and healing power of Christian fellowship is experienced in small groups by almost all members. Meets the first Thursday of every month.
  • Loring Aument, 2021
  • Karen Copley, 2022
  • Lynda Davis, 2021-V. Chair/Secretary
  • Frank Grimes, 2020 - JLC
  • Nene Hubbard, 2020 - Vice Chair
  • Kirk Johnston, 2022
  • Harriet Moxley, 2020 - Chair
  • Rod Ray, 2021 - JLC
  • Pastor: Rev. Justin Lewis
  • Supporting Staff: Cathy Hyatt, Becky Odum, Jennifer Futrell, Kyle Livingston

Worship Commission

Purpose: To create an inviting environment where everyone encounters God in a life-changing way. 
Responsibility: To build a spiritually healthy church in which church worship services are a high point of the week for the majority of the congregation. Meets the third Monday in the month.

  • Trey Karn, 2022 - JLC
  • Mary McAbee, 2021 - V.Chair/Secretary
  • Stan McChesney, 2022
  • Elise Mercer, 2020 - Chair
  • Jane Nicol, 2020 
  • Jill Saleeby, 2020
  • Rachel Segars, 2020 - JLC
  • Pastor: Rev. Steve Wise
  • Supporting Staff: Cathy Hyatt, Gary McCraw, Gia Diamaduros

Joint Leadership Commission

Purpose: To provide spiritual and strategic leadership in vision, stewardship and accountability.
Responsibilities: To provide leadership to build a spiritually healthy church by…

  • prayerfully discerning God’s vision for our church.
  • wisely overseeing the stewardship of our resources (financial, facilities, personnel)
  • encouraging mutual graceful accountability. Meets the second Tuesday of each month.
  • Jim Brady, 2020
  • Doug Harman, 2021
  • Frank Grimes, 2020
  • Rod Ray, 2021
  • Rachel Segars, 2020
  • Trey Karns, 2022
  • Pastor: Rev. Steve Wise
    Supporting staff: Cathy Hyatt

Westminster Presbyterian Church
309 Fernwood Drive
Spartanburg, SC 29307
PH: (864) 585-4186


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