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Our GriefShare group

The Journey of Grief: Grief is a journey that does not have to be traveled alone. If you or someone you know is on this journey, we are here to help by providing support, care and understanding.

Our philosophy is based on non-denominational principles. We encourage people to work through their grief much like Christ offered hope and healing to all who came to Him. People of all faiths are encouraged to attend, including surviving family members, friends, clergy, caregivers, health, and human service professionals.


Currently meeting WEDNESDAYS, 1-3 pm at the church office (104 Pineville Rd).

We are offering this course in various small group settings. Please contact Dale if you're interested in joining these groups!

For more information call:

Rev. Dale Rawlings

Cell – 864-940-1742
Office – 864-814-7571

The GriefShare program consists of 13 weekly sessions, designed to be repeated in regular cycles throughout the year. 

You are welcome to join at any time since the program is designed for you to enter at any point in the grieving process.

GriefShare is built around three components: video seminar, support group, and workbook. The seminar portion, presented through the GriefShare videos, provides important teaching on topics related to death and grief. The support group segment allows participants to talk through issues and feelings related to their own grief experiences. The workbook provides a tool to guide participants in sorting through their thoughts and emotions and in learning what the Bible says about grief-related topics.

The Ten Stages of Grief

Adapted from Good Grief by Granger E. Westberg

  1. We are in a state of shock.
  2. We express emotion.
  3. We feel depressed and very lonely.
  4. We may experience physical symptoms of distress.
  5. We may become anxious and panicky.
  1. We feel a sense of guilt about the loss.
  2. We are filled with anger and resentment.
  3. We resist returning to normal life.
  4. Gradually, hope comes through healing.
  5. We begin to affirm our new reality.
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