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Weddings at Westminster

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! If you are looking at this page, you probably have questions about having your wedding ceremony at Westminster Presbyterian Church.  Any bride or groom who is a member of Westminster may reserve the church for a wedding.  Additionally, any bride or groom whose parents and/or grandparents are members of Westminster Presbyterian Church is eligible to be married at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Your first step: Contact one of the pastors to confirm their availability and call the church office to get your date on the church calendar.

After contacting one of our pastors to confirm services and the church office to confirm the date, you will receive a wedding notebook containing the Wedding Policy and other important information. There is a $200 deposit to confirm the date on the church calendar, which is due two weeks after picking up the notebook and turning in several necessary forms.

Following confirmation with one of our pastors, a suggested preparation timeline is as follows:

  1. (Immediately) Thoroughly read your wedding notebook. Read, sign and return the Reservation Contract, Wedding Fee Worksheet, and the Reservation Form within two weeks along with the deposit of $200.
  2. (At agreed upon time prior to the confirmed wedding date) The pastor will set up times to meet with you for pre-marital counseling and to discuss the Order of Service.
  3. (3-4 months prior to the confirmed wedding date) Contact the Organist, who is also the Director of Music, for music planning, and even if not playing at your wedding, for approval of selections.
  4. (One month prior to confirmed wedding date) Turn in the completed General Information Form to the church office and contact the Wedding Coordinator.
  5. (Wednesday prior to confirmed wedding date) Deliver your marriage license to the church office.
  6. (2 weeks post wedding date) Contact the church office with your new address and contact information. The office will revise your marital status to married and remove you from your parent(s) address information (if applicable) and single status.
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